Corporate Social Responsibility

Eurasia has extensive mineral endowments. The exploitation of these minerals have been part of human civilisation for thousands of years. Man cannot survive without exploiting natural resources and doing so in an environmentally wise manner. Even though the region has been mined for so long, many opportunities remain to add value for all concerned.

The region's natural resources are far from optimally managed. This is partly because exploration, mining and environmental management techniques are improving and partly because there are some barriers which take time to overcome properly.

EMED Mining has the ambition to add value to the communities it has the opportunity to serve in the region. The company will abide by environmental standards beyond those set by international regulations and will strive to optimise the long-term prosperity of its shareholders by being an excellent corporate citizen in every respect.

The manner the Company will conduct itself is exemplified by the manner its activities in Cyprus were launched, summarised as follows:

  • Discreetly conducted technical, regulatory, community and environmental due diligence;
  • Ensured that local regulatory authorities welcomed its plans and efforts;
  • Introduced itself to local community leaders and ensured that communication channels were open from the very outset;
  • Assembled the best available personnel and transferred them to a operating base in the region. This team integrates local expertise and international specialists in various disciplines including environmental sciences;
  • Immediately launched a recruiting campaign to hire young local trainees who can grow into leadership roles within the team; and
  • Ensured that every member of the team behaves as a long-term owner in the most positive sense of the word.

This approach will be applied elsewhere in the region as worthwhile opportunities become available.


We welcome interaction with anyone who has an opportunity for us to evaluate or a legitimate concern which we should be made aware of.

We undertake to maintain the highest standards of transparency and integrity in all dealings.

The region has proven potential and EMED Mining's aim is to realise this potential to the benefit of all stakeholders.